Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You can manipulate Google Search

Case in point: "Justin Bieber syphilis" Through a picture of a nipple and word of mouth rumor spread and everyone started searching and clicking links. Now this term is the most popular on google search.

All you viral marketers should be studying this event carefully. Something definitely was done right in promoting this.
What if this was for a product you wanted advertised and not Justin Bieber? Imagine the publicity you would see.

The key here is it was not in your face. It was subtle. It was something that people wanted to know more about.

Can your marketing team reproduce this for you? Yes "It can do that" you just have to do the research.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Resharpen your scissors cheaply

I just saw a cool tip on twitter. Someone said they just sharpened my scissors by cutting thru a piece of tin foil a few times. No need to replace them.

Thanks http://twitter.com/ShawnaSantos for your tip. I highly recommend checking out her twitter for a lot more great tips.

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Barbie can do that

I came across this article about the new computer engineer barbie. I thought I would pass it on. Everybody thought barbie was just a pretty face but they were wrong. She has graduated a program in computer science and is now a computer engineer.


Way to go barbie.

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This tool can help educate your kids

This site that just launched February 12, 2010 is an amazing tool that helps your kids learn using
the best practices such as matching the right color to letter.

This site aims to teach your child about Math, Shapes, Colours, Alphabet, Numbers and so much more. While making it fun at the same time.

You can check out this site at:


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It can do that? I didn't know that!

This blog is all about alternative uses for products or possibly just uses you were unaware of.
Your friends will be amazed by your knowledge and all it takes is subscribing to this blog and eventually checking out the upcoming website.

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